Millette Photomedia is getting the lead in Gardening Pictures

March 26th 2016 3616 views

Millette Photomedia is getting the lead in Gardening Pictures

Millette Photomedia and their specialized website www.millettegardenpictures.com is now serving most of the Newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

Millette Photomedia was formed five years ago by Reggie D. Millette, author of many horticultural books. Since then more than 200 gardener photographers from all over the world are supplying images to their photos library, now with near 300,000 gardening images. All the images are taken in gardens and are not retouched. Website has now reached more than 19,000 images that can be selected and downloaded.

Most of the publishing organizations are now eliminating their photography department relying on freelancers or specialized agency to provide pictures and it is far cheaper than having photographers on staff.

Millette Photomedia can supply images for eBooks, digital magazines and websites. Compare to largest stock photo agencies that have general images; Millette Photomedia has the plant names with the cultivars or varieties names.

When the clients can’t find the needed images, they can contact their office and ask for the specific pictures. From now on, you don't have to send one of your photographers to get the photo you want. At a lower cost, and faster you will be sure to get the right picture. Of course some photos are good for eye candy to dress up an article, while others are meant for education.

We invite you to search our site. Rapidly, you will become addicted!

Reggie D. Millette
Millette Photomedia


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