Ann Jacobson

Ann Jacobson is a retired electron microscopist/molecular biologist. She received her doctorate in Botany from the University of Chicago in 1963. Since retiring she has turned her attention to the photography of flowers  both in her own garden and the gardens of her friends. Due to her background in electron microscopy her attention tends to be focused on the fine details that can be visualized in individual flowers. Her photographs of dahlias have won numerous awards in photography shows of the Long Island Dahlia Society. One of her chrysanthemum photographs is scheduled to appear on the cover of Chrysanthemum, the magazine published by the National Chrysanthemum Society.


19202 - Chrysanthemum Apricot Alexis (Garden Mum)

19201 - Chrysanthemum Alabama (Garden Mum)

19190 - Chrysanthemum Seaton's Galaxy (Garden Mum)

19189 - Dahlia American Beauty (Informal Decorative Dahlia) (4)

19188 - Dahlia Frost Nip (Dinnerplate Dahlia)

19187 - Iris Black Ruby (Iris germanica, Intermediate Bearded)

19087 - Chrysanthemum Pink Splendor (Garden Mum)

19143 - Dahlia Apopa Cindy (Dahlia) (1)

19142 - Dahlia Gitts Perfection (Dahlia)

19135 - Chrysanthemum Satin Ribbon (Spider Mum)

19134 - Chrysanthemum Lonestar (Spider Mum)

19090 - Streptocarpus Renia (Streptocarpus)

19089 - Hippeastrum or Amaryllis Quinto (Amaryllis)

19088 - Dahlia Apopa Cindy (Dahlia) (1)

19086 - Chrysanthemum Alabama (Garden Mum)

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