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Sell Your Photos

Always looking for more pictures

« Many photography lovers have thousands of pictures but most of the time they stay in their computer. They don't know it's possible to make few dollars with one of the nicest or interesting one of them. Everyday we receive requests and we are offered complete photo collections. So it'is very possible we add different subject to our library of pictures. »

You are an amateur photographer or a professionnel photographer?

Earn extra money from your images by selling them online via Millette PhotoMedia. We offer to photographers, an agency free service, with 40% of the sales price, and an international exposure of your photographs. Payment frequency  -  We will pay you monthly , when your sales exceed USD$100

Yes I would like to join as an Affiliate photographer!

One important thing: The pictures always remain yours. You can offer them to any person, free or paid.

You can send from only one photo or many more. They must be well identified with latin name and cultivar.

You can also receive the Photo requests from our clients.

JUST EMAIL US AT info@millettephotomedia.com

Quiting Millette Photomedia as a contributing photographer:

As Millette Photomedia represents the photographers, all the copyrights are also protected.

The photographer is the only person allowed to discuss about the use of his/her images. If a photographer dies when still active, Millette Photomedia will stop posting new images on the website, but all the other images already posted will remain available. If any are sold, Millette Photomedia will keep payments, if any, to absorb all the charges to prepare and operate the website.


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