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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Millette PhotoMedia?

Millette PhotoMedia is a new service introduced. Millette PhotoMedia is an efficient and convenient way for creative professionals to search, try, manage, and buy high quality, hostas, daylilies, irises or garden images. Millette PhotoMedia provides access to over 3,000 photos and illustrations from some of the world's leading garden photographers, including Reggie D. Millette.

Why should I purchase images from Millette PhotoMedia?

With Millette PhotoMedia, you can manage the entire process of integrating into your design workflow:

Search - Within Millette PhotoMedia, perform integrated searches across multiple image libraries on a collection totaling 3,000 and growing.

Manage - Double-click images to enlarge.

Buy - Purchase high-resolution, images directly from Millette PhotoMedia applications using a single, integrated shopping cart and a single license agreement from Millette PhotoMedia, no matter which library the image came from.

What are the system requirements for Millette PhotoMedia ?

Millette PhotoMedia has the same system requirements you use to access the service. Millette PhotoMedia is an online service, and due to the high volume of images and the large sizes of high-resolution images, users must also have a broadband Internet connection.

What is the image quality?

The quality of the images generally depends on the supplier; all images are of sufficient quality to use in print medias. All our images are taken at high-resolution.

How long can I use an image after I've downloaded it?

The license agreement for an image, as covered in the Millette PhotoMedia Terms of service allows for a one-shot usage of the image.

What is a royalty-free image?

For those who need to use images in a variety of ways at a reasonable cost, the stock photo industry offers images whose prices are based on the size of the file (or physical resolution) rather than the specific intended use. Royalty-free images are sold repeatedly, and no one can purchase exclusive rights to them.

If I want exclusive rights to an image, what should I do?

Rights-managed images are governed by contracts that define how the images may be used. Designers who want to make sure a competitor won't use a particular image, for example, will want to invest in a rights-managed image. These images are often more expensive and contain more complex agreements. Most of the providers supplying Millette PhotoMedia with royalty-free images also have rights-managed libraries. Millette PhotoMedia can also find a photographer to shoot a unique image. At all time Millette PhotoMedia will try to supply a different image to each client.

How would I be charged for the use of rights-managed images?

Pay for the images each time you use them.

Bought directly from the website it would cost either $16 or $45 depending on the size of the picture.

At $45 you can use from any types of print documents

At $16 you can use the picture on one website only.

How do I purchase the Millette PhotoMedia service?

You don't. With Millette PhotoMedia, you pay only for each image you wish to purchase.

What is the photographer's directory?

The photographer's directory allows photographers to introduce themselves to the clientele and allow the clients to see their pictures Millette PhotoMedia.

In what countries is the Millette PhotoMedia service available?

Millette PhotoMedia is available everywhere in the world.

Do I need to set up an account with Millette PhotoMedia ?

The Millette PhotoMedia service can manage a single account for all purchases, or a user can choose to purchase images as a guest. Setting up an account with the Millette PhotoMedia service enables you to:

  • View a purchase history
  • Track order status
  • Download purchased images again if the originals are lost

Why does Millette PhotoMedia charge me to purchase the same image twice?

Images come in different resolutions, and users may purchase the same image at different resolutions depending on their needs and uses. Images may also need to be purchased independently for separate projects.

What happens if I lose an image that I purchased?

If you purchased the image through your account (rather than as a guest), you will be able to re-download the image. Simply go to your account information and select the order number and the image that you want to download again.

After I purchase an image, do I have to go to a website and download the image by FTP?

No. Millette PhotoMedia handles the download of purchased images automatically. You may perform the download immediately after purchasing, or you can opt to download the images later.

Can I purchase a CD of images (a collection) or join a subscription program?

Millette PhotoMedia enables customers to purchase images on an image-by-image basis. Millette PhotoMedia service is intended to help designers find just the right image quickly and efficiently while working on a concept or layout. No collections or subscription programs are available.

Who are the stock image providers, and does Millette PhotoMedia plan to sign up additional providers?

Millette PhotoMedia provides access to thousands of images from some of the world's leading photographers. Millette PhotoMedia plans to continue to sign up new providers so that designers may have access to a wide selection of high-quality images.

How is the price of a stock photo determined?

The price of a stock photo varies from image to image. The final price of a downloaded image depends on the resolution of the image and other no quantifiable factors. Prices can vary from about US$30 for a low-resolution image to more than US$400 for a high-resolution image. Image prices in Millette PhotoMedia are non-negotiable, and pricing is competitive with what is available on images websites. Sometimes a photo can be supplied at no cost as a possibilité for a good advertisement exchange.

What licensing terms govern the use of purchased images?

Millette PhotoMedia has one license agreement for all images purchased through the Millette PhotoMedia service.

How does Millette PhotoMedia plan to increase the number of images available through the service?

Millette PhotoMedia has enlisted the assistance of several leading image photographers to increase the number and size of collections available in the service. Professional photographers and stock agencies now have the opportunity to distribute their images through Millette PhotoMedia.

What does this supplier model mean for pro photographers?

Distributing images through our image suppliers will provide professional photographers another option for delivering and licensing their images to a targeted audience of creative professionals. If you are a photographer who wishes to have your work available with Millette PhotoMedia will provide a streamlined process for exposing your work to a uniquely qualified audience. If you have garden photo collections, this is an opportunity to make these works more widely available without a significant increase in marketing, sales, or technical resources. Just send us an e-mail.

How does this supplier model enhance Millette PhotoMedia?

This model will allow Millette PhotoMedia to quickly and efficiently build a large plant image library and present a broad set of unique, unusual photos and illustrations to the creative pros. Millette PhotoMedia strives to provide the most interesting, creative, and inspiring work to designers looking for that perfect image.

How can pro photographers sell their garden images through Millette PhotoMedia?

To have your images considered for distribution through Millette PhotoMedia, please contact us directly for details about our service and commercial terms.

What is the screening process for images submitted to Millette PhotoMedia through an image supplier?

Millette PhotoMedia has entered into alliances with several image suppliers in order to provide different medias and photographers a choice in picking the distribution solution that best meets their needs. Since we have many different pictures of the same subject, this policy allows the photo buyers to choose the right picture to support their needs. As the name of the plant is verified and correct, this permet a fast and accurate way to identify a plant at a lower cost. Photographers interested in submitting their images for inclusion in Millette PhotoMedia should contact us to discuss the submission process and specific contractual terms.

Can I become an image supplier for Millette PhotoMedia?

If you are interested in having your collections distributed through Millette PhotoMedia, please send e-mail for more information.

How does this service benefit me?

If you are a photographer or creates or distributes image collections, this is an opportunity to make your works available to a large and uniquely qualified audience of creative professionals.

How does this service enhance Millette PhotoMedia ?

By collecting images from individual photographers, Millette PhotoMedia can present unique, unusual photos and illustrations that might not otherwise be available. Millette PhotoMedia strives to provide the most interesting, creative, and inspiring work to designers looking for that perfect image.

How does it work?

It's easy! Submit your collections by signing up directly with Millette PhotoMedia. We will work with you on submitting your collections and on the commercial terms of our agreements.

Where are you located?

Our main office is located in St. Ambroise, Quebec, Canada.

How long have you been around?

Millette PhotoMedia was officially launched on March 1, 2004. Since then, we have seen continuous growth, and many upgrades. Like most companies, we continue to grow every day.

I'm a photographer - how can I sell my photos?

To sell your photos, you first have to sign-up as a member. Then just sign in and fill our Photographer's Application. Once your application is approved, you may begin uploading your photos!

Can your images be used in my company brochure/catalog/flyer/website?


I am a graphic designer; can I use your images on my client's website?


Can I crop or edit your images?

Yes, as long as you do not re-sell or redistribute the image(s) or resulting image(s).

Can I resell or redistribute your images?

No. The resale and/or redistribution of our images are strictly prohibited.

I produce T-shirts/Screen savers/Mouse pads for resale. Can I use your images?

No. You may not reproduce our images for the purpose of resale.

Do you do special prices for large orders?

Special discounts may be arranged for large orders.

What currency are these prices in?

All of our prices are listed in US currency. Your credit card will be billed in US currency.

I don't live in Canada - can I still buy a subscription?

Yes, you certainly can. We accept payments from nearly every country in the world. Your credit card will be billed in US dollars, and will then be automatically converted to your own currency.

I live in Canada - why am I being charged 15,5% tax?

We are actually a Canadian company, so we are required to collect tax on all Canadian orders. We are located in Quebec, where there is PST tax, for a total of 15,5%. Revenue Canada considers these sales to take place in the home province (QC); therefore all Canadians are charged 15,5% tax.

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