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Download royalty-free garden trees, shrubs, and stock high quality images as well as plants photos and flowers, high-resolution pictures, and other affordable gardening images for your business. 

Nothing sells plants better than being able to see how they will look full-grown or in combinations. And with this library of royalty-free garden images at your fingertips, you'll be able to provide that inspiration. You can either browse through this expansive library to find the plants' photos that match your ideas, or if you're looking for something specific, you can search using keywords or a plant's specific name.

From hobby gardeners to professionals, everyone can find something they love within these affordable gardening images. They’re beautifully captured and can bring life to any idea you bring to the table. From garden trees and shrubs images to stunning flower photos—you’re sure to find something that matches your aesthetic sense. 

You can choose your favorites from the 44705 photos available online. From every kind of flower, plant, shrub, and tree to their images from various angles—there are several high-resolution pictures for you to explore and choose from. 

If you’re someone with a green thumb, you’re in for quite a treat. Every photo is a work of art, but its beauty is magnified by a thousand folds when avid gardening enthusiasts are the audience. 

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45005 - Helleborus White Spotted Lady (Lenten Rose) (2)

45004 - Helleborus Red Lady (Lenten Rose) (6)

45003 - Helleborus Red Lady (Lenten Rose) (6)

45002 - Helleborus Painted Bunting (Lenten Rose) (4)

45001 - Helleborus Painted Bunting (Lenten Rose) (4)

45000 - Miscanthus High Frequency (Maiden Grasses Ornamental Grass)

44999 - Delphinium Red Lark (Larkspur)

44998 - Coreopsis Corleone Cream (Tickseed)

44997 - Coreopsis Candlelight (Tickseed)

44996 - Rudbeckia August Glow (Black-eyed Susan)

44995 - Paeonia Green Halo (Peony) (2)

44994 - Rosa Eye of the Tiger (Floribunda Rose) (1)

44993 - Rosa Eye of the Tiger (Floribunda Rose) (1)

44992 - Miscanthus Zebrinus (Zebra Grass Ornamental Grass) (7)

44991 - Miscanthus Zebrinus (Zebra Grass Ornamental Grass) (7)

44990 - Rhododendron Purpureum Elegans (Rhododendron azalea)

44989 - Rhododendron austrinum (Florida flame azalea)

44988 - Gelsemium rankinii (Swamp Jessamine) (1)

44987 - Crocus Advance (Crocus wild) (1)

44986 - Iberis Snow Cone (Candytuft)

44985 - Hemerocallis Musical Interlude (Daylily)

44984 - Hemerocallis Mahogany Magic (Daylily)

44983 - Paeonia Barrington Belle (Peony) (1)

44982 - Paeonia Cherry Royal (Peony)

44981 - Paeonia Red Comet (Peony)

44980 - Rudbeckia MiniBeckia Flame (Black-eyed Susan)

44979 - Heuchera Primo Pistachio Ambrosia (Coral Bells)

44978 - Polemonium Golden Feathers (Jacob's Ladder) (2)

44977 - Pulmonaria Pink-a-Blue (Lungwort - Pulmonaire) (1)

44976 - Pulmonaria Pink-a-Blue (Lungwort - Pulmonaire) (1)

44975 - Aquilegia Songbird Cardinal (Columbine) (2)

44974 - Helleborus Ice N' Roses Early Red (Lenten Rose) (5)

44973 - Lithodora Grace Ward (Lithodora) (1)

44972 - Phlox Paparazzi Jagger (Phlox)

44971 - Platycerium bifurcatum (elkhorn fern or common staghorn fern)

44970 - Coreopsis Red Satin aka Permathread (Tickseed) (5)

44969 - Nephrolepis Bostoniensis (Boston Fern)

44968 - Hemerocallis Supreme Scream (Daylily) (1)

44967 - Hemerocallis Supreme Scream (Daylily) (1)

44966 - Viburnum Defender (Appalachian Tea)

44965 - Capsicum Granova (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

44964 - Capsicum Ecuador Purple (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

44963 - Capsicum Buena Mulata (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

44962 - Capsicum Bolivian Rainbow (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

44961 - Capsicum Black Coban (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

44960 - Paeonia King's Ransom (Peony) (1)

44959 - Paeonia Pretty in Pink (Peony) (1)

44958 - Cineraria grandiflora mixed (British Beauty) (2)

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