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Nothing sells plants better than being able to see how they will look full-grown or in combinations. And with this library of royalty-free garden images at your fingertips, you'll be able to provide that inspiration. You can either browse through this expansive library to find the plants' photos that match your ideas, or if you're looking for something specific, you can search using keywords or a plant's specific name.

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42465 - Anemone Multiplicity (Wood Anemone)

42464 - Anemone Mart's Blue (Wood Anemone)

42463 - Anemone Lucia (Wood Anemone)

42462 - Anemone Leeds' Variety (Wood Anemone)

42461 - Anemone Ice and Fire (Wood Anemone)

42460 - Primula Night and Day (Primrose)

42459 - Lewisia Lovedream (Lewisia)

42458 - Petunia Headliner Banana Cherry (Petunia)

42457 - Linum narbonense (blue flax)

42456 - Linum narbonense (blue flax)

42455 - Camellia Crimson Candles (Camellia)

42454 - Azalea Girard's Rose (Rhododendron Azalea)

42453 - Artemisia Silver Brocade (Southernwood, lad's love, southern wormwood)

42452 - Dahlia Starsister Red and White (Collarette dahlia)

42451 - Rosa Smokin' Hot (Hybrid tea Rose)

42450 - Anemone Green Fingers (Wood Anemone)

42449 - Anemone Bowles Purple (Wood Anemone)

42448 - Anemone Blue Queen (Wood Anemone)

42447 - Anemone Blue Eyes (Wood Anemone)

42446 - Anemone Alba Plena (Wood Anemone)

42445 - Dahlia Impression Fantastico (colarette dahlia)

42444 - Dahlia Excentrique (Dahlia)

42443 - Dahlia Excentrique (Dahlia)

42442 - Dahlia Le Castel (Waterlily Dahlia)

42441 - Dahlia Le Castel (Waterlily Dahlia)

42440 - Primula Candy Vanilla (Primrose)

42439 - Primula Candy Vanilla (Primrose)

42438 - Rhododendron Molten Gold aka Blattgold (Rhododendron Azalea)

42437 - Rhododendron Molten Gold aka Blattgold (Rhododendron Azalea)

42436 - Helleborus White Marble (Foxtail Lilies)

42435 - Lilium Spring Pink (Asiatic Lily)

42434 - Lilium Tiger Babies (Asiatic Lily)

42433 - Lilium Yellow Twinkle (Asiatic Lily)

42432 - Lilium Vermeer (Asiatic Lily)

42431 - Antirrhinum Pretty in Pink (Snapdragon)

42430 - Antirrhinum Pretty in Pink (Snapdragon)

42429 - Antirrhinum Pretty in Pink (Snapdragon)

42428 - Hydrangea Shirofuji (Mountain Hydrangea)

42427 - Hydrangea Shirofuji (Mountain Hydrangea)

42426 - Buxus Suffruticosa (Boxwood)

42425 - Leucanthemum Lemon Puff (Shasta Daisy)

42424 - Acer Moonrise (Japanese Maple – érable japonais)

42423 - Centaurea Amethyst in Snow (Mountain Cornflower, Knapweed)

42422 - Salvia Sallyfun Pure White (Forsythia Sage)

42421 - Coreopsis American Dream (Tickseed)

42420 - Dahlia Eveline (Dinner plate Dahlia)

42419 - Dahlia Eveline (Dinner plate Dahlia)

42418 - Dahlia Eveline (Dinner plate Dahlia)

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