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Download royalty-free garden trees, shrubs, and stock images as well as plants photos and flowers, high-resolution pictures, and other affordable gardening images for your business. 

Nothing sells plants better than being able to see how they will look full-grown or in combinations. And with this library of royalty-free garden images at your fingertips, you'll be able to provide that inspiration. You can either browse through this expansive library to find the plants' photos that match your ideas, or if you're looking for something specific, you can search using keywords or a plant's specific name.

From hobby gardeners to professionals, everyone can find something they love within these affordable gardening images. They’re beautifully captured and can bring life to any idea you bring to the table. From garden trees and shrubs images to stunning flower photos—you’re sure to find something that matches your aesthetic sense. 

You can choose your favorites from the 42675 photos available online. From every kind of flower, plant, shrub, and tree to their images from various angles—there are several high-resolution pictures for you to explore and choose from. 

If you’re someone with a green thumb, you’re in for quite a treat. Every photo is a work of art, but its beauty is magnified by a thousand folds when avid gardening enthusiasts are the audience. 

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42975 - Rosa Birthday Girl (Shrub Rose)

42974 - Rosa Super Trouper (Shrub Rose)

42973 - Lespedeza Yakushima (bush clover)

42972 - Lespedeza Yakushima (bush clover)

42971 - Lespedeza Yakushima (bush clover)

42970 - Iris Mountain Brook (versicolor Iris)

42969 - Iris Gerald Darby (versicolor Iris)

42968 - Iris Flore Pleno (Yellow flag iris)

42967 - Iris Berlin Tiger (Yellow flag iris)

42966 - Narcissus Glowing Phoenix (Daffodil)

42965 - Narcissus Eystettensis (Daffodil)

42964 - Narcissus Bridal Crown (Daffodil)

42963 - Narcissus Bridal Crown (Daffodil)

42962 - Narcissus Abba (Daffodil)

42961 - Narcissus Abba (Daffodil)

42960 - Limonium sinuatum (Sea lavender Statice)

42959 - Sedum Pure Joy aka Rock 'N Grow (Stonecrop)

42958 - Sedum Pure Joy aka Rock 'N Grow (Stonecrop)

42957 - Sedum Pure Joy aka Rock 'N Grow (Stonecrop)

42956 - Sedum Atlantis (Stonecrop)

42955 - Sedum Atlantis (Stonecrop)

42954 - Sedum Atlantis (Stonecrop)

42953 - Sedum SunSparkler Dazzleberry (Stonecrop)

42952 - Sedum SunSparkler Dazzleberry (Stonecrop)

42951 - Sedum SunSparkler Dazzleberry (Stonecrop)

42950 - Dahlia Rocco (Pompon Dahlia)

42949 - Dahlia Rocco (Pompon Dahlia)

42948 - Dahlia Smokey (Decorative Dahlia)

42947 - Dahlia Smokey (Decorative Dahlia)

42946 - Dahlia Smokey (Decorative Dahlia)

42945 - Tulipa Little Beauty (Tulip)

42944 - Tulipa Eastern Star (Tulip)

42943 - Tulipa Taco (Tulip)

42942 - Tulipa Sheila (Tulip)

42941 - Tulipa Cornuta (Tulip)

42940 - Rhus virens (Evergreen Sumac)

42939 - Hamamelis Amethyst (Witch Hazel)

42938 - Galtonia viridiflora aka Ornithogalum viridiflorum (Summer Hyacinth)

42937 - Eysenhardtia texana (Texas kidneywood)

42936 - Eriogonum fasciculatum (California buckwheat)

42935 - Tagetes Taishan Gold (Marigold)

42934 - Tagetes Taishan Orange (Marigold)

42933 - Tagetes Taishan Orange (Marigold)

42932 - Tagetes Brocade Mix (French Marigold)

42931 - Calibrachoa Lindura Cosmos Hot Pink (Calibrachoa)

42930 - Viburnum Chindo (cranberry bush)

42929 - Ilex crenata (Japanese holly)

42928 - Sophora secundiflora (Texas mountain laurel)

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