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Grenville K. Godfrey

With a degree in Art & Design, Grenville has among other things worked as a graphic designer, taught at various times Art, Design and Photography, and in early retirement accidentally became a much in demand ceramics restorer. He has been an avid, active and studious gardener since childhood. Full retirement now affords him the time to enjoy his garden to the full, while also enabling him to devote much more time to his other passions: painting and photography.

46148 - Epimedium Spine Tingler (Barrenwort) (2)

46147 - Mahonia gracilipes (Chinese mahonia)

44762 - Paeonia Cytherea (Peony)

44761 - Paeonia Cytherea (Peony)

44474 - Agave Kichiokan (Agave cactus) (1)

44471 - Agave Kichiokan (Agave cactus) (1)

44470 - Agave Kichiokan (Agave cactus) (1)

43608 - Daphniphyllum macropodum (daphniphyllum)

43536 - Cupressus Swane's Golden (Cypress conifer)

42677 - Sansevieria Moonshine (snake plant)

41436 - Hydrangea Princess Diana (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead)

41435 - Hydrangea Princess Diana (Bigleaf Hydrangea Mophead)

41434 - Catalpa Aurea (Catalpa)

41073 - Paeonia mairei (Peony)

41072 - Paeonia mairei (Peony)

41071 - Paeonia mairei (Peony)

38714 - Lophocereus schottii monstrosus (totem pole cactus) (1)

38608 - Rosa Twice in a Blue Moon (Hybrid tea Rose) (2)

38607 - Rosa Twice in a Blue Moon (Hybrid tea Rose) (2)

38566 - Nymphaea Perry's Baby Red (Water lily)

38557 - Hydrangea Everlasting Noblesse (Hydrangea) (3)

38556 - Hydrangea Everlasting Noblesse (Hydrangea) (3)

38555 - Hydrangea Everlasting Noblesse (Hydrangea) (3)

38554 - Hydrangea Everlasting Noblesse (Hydrangea) (3)

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