Millette Réjean D.

Millette Réjean D.

A few years ago, Reggie Millette was “zero” in gardening. He was a novice and learned "on the job", making mistakes and correcting them, after taking lots of pictures. After his first book on hostas, others followed: daylilies, then irises in 2007. A second book, on hostas, has also been published in French and English. He has contributed to several magazines across the Atlantic, given hundreds of conferences and hosted nearly 350 radio shows. He was the founding president of the Quebec Society of Hostas and Daylilies.

Thanks to all the photos he took for the publication of his books, as well as all the other photos taken in various botanical and private gardens, all over the United States, Canada and several other countries, he created Millette Photomedia.

Since its creation, it has recruited more than a hundred Gardener photographers from all over the world. 


44960 - Paeonia King's Ransom (Peony) (1)

44959 - Paeonia Pretty in Pink (Peony) (1)

44958 - Cineraria grandiflora mixed (British Beauty) (2)

44957 - Cineraria grandiflora mixed (British Beauty) (2)

44956 - Cineraria grandiflora mixed (British Beauty) (2)

44944 - Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) (1)

44943 - Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) (7)

44942 - Strelitzia reginae (bird of paradise) (7)

44915 - Paeonia Osiris Annie (Peony)

44914 - Paeonia Mrs Fern Lough (Peony)

44913 - Paeonia Mrs. Livingston Farrand (Peony)

44912 - Paeonia Nellie Shaylor (Peony)

44911 - Paeonia Nellie Shaylor (Peony)

44872 - Pieris Cupido (Pieris)

44871 - Pieris Cupido (Pieris)

44863 - Salix Hakuro Nishiki (Willow)

44861 - Sciadopitys Joe Kozey (Umbrella Pine conifer)

44860 - Paeonia Postilion (Peony)

44859 - Paeonia Legion of Honor (Peony)

44858 - Paeonia Lemon Chiffon (Peony)

44845 - Paeonia Empress Wu's Yellow Dress (Peony)

44844 - Paeonia Empress Wu's Yellow Dress (Peony)

44843 - Paeonia Empress Wu's Yellow Dress (Peony)

44842 - Paeonia Do Tell (Peony)

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