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Ralph Heiden

Ralph Heiden

Ralph Heiden recently retired from Michigan State University Extension where he spent the past 23 years as a Horticulture Educator. Over the past 40 years, he has been fortunate to be able to travel extensively. He has visited 46 states and 8 Canadian provinces. He also visited the following countries one or more times: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland and Ecuador. He took thousands of pictures.

46615 - Acer pensylvanicum (snakebark maple - moose maple) (5)

46527 - Bulbine Hallmark (Snake flower, cat's tail)

45235 - Clematis Sir Trevor Lawrence (Clematis)

44776 - Tulipa linifolia (Tulip)

41590 - Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink aka Verssilverypink (Astilbe) (1)

41589 - Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink aka Verssilverypink (Astilbe) (1)

41450 - Rosa Pink Double Knockout (Shrub Rose)

41449 - Rosa Rainbow Sunblaze Rose aka Rosa Meigenpi (floribunda Rose)

41354 - Cercis Forest Pansy (Redbud)

41252 - Acer rubrum (red maple)

41251 - Acer rubrum (red maple)

41216 - Quercus bicolor (swamp white oak)

41202 - Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress conifer) (2)

41188 - Prunus Elberta (Peach tree)

40988 - Acer Green Mountain (Sugar Maple)

40987 - Acer Green Mountain (Sugar Maple)

40781 - Heuchera Raspberry Chiffon (Coral Bells)

40603 - Jeffersonia dubia (Twinleaf)

40205 - Heracleum maximum (cow parsnip) (11)

40204 - Heracleum maximum (cow parsnip) (15)

40020 - Rhododendron Rosebud (Rhododendron Azalea) (3)

40019 - Rhododendron Rosebud (Rhododendron Azalea) (3)

40018 - Rhododendron Rosebud (Rhododendron Azalea) (3)

40010 - Rosa Desprez à fleur jaune (Climbing rose) (3)

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