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Sandy Pruden

Sandy Pruden

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, 75% are botanical images. Photography, Pets, Wildlife, Birds, Grandkids, Orchids, Koi Pond, all Garden Plants

46293 - Sempervivum Cobweb (Cobweb Houseleek) (1)

45722 - Canna City of Portland (Canna Lily)

45511 - Agave Kichiokan (Agave cactus) (4)

44401 - Hosta Dream Queen (Hosta funkia august lily)

42404 - Antirrhinum Eternal (Snapdragon)

42403 - Antirrhinum Eternal (Snapdragon)

42370 - Cleome Sparkler Blush (Spider Flower)

42369 - Cleome Violet Queen (Spider Flower)

42368 - Cleome Rose Queen (Spider Flower)

42367 - Cleome Spirit Appleblossom (Spider Flower)

42366 - Cleome Senorita Rosalita aka Inncleosr (Spider Flower)

41509 - Hydrangea Phantom (Hydrangea)

41508 - Hydrangea Phantom (Hydrangea)

41507 - Hydrangea Phantom (Hydrangea)

41451 - Rosa Pink Double Knockout (Shrub Rose)

41410 - Malus Granny Smith (Apple tree)

41409 - Malus Granny Smith (Apple tree)

41408 - Malus Granny Smith (Apple tree)

41407 - Malus Granny Smith (Apple tree)

41406 - Malus Granny Smith (Apple tree)

40776 - Alocasia Stingray (Alocasia elephant ear taro)

40668 - Delphinium Magic Fountains Mix (Larkspur)

40641 - Salvia Furman's Red (Sage)

40577 - Alocasia Stingray (Alocasia elephant ear taro)

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