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Toni Leland

Toni Leland

Toni Leland has been an avid photographer for over 25 years. His work has been featured in various art galleries in the city, as well as online at SmugMug (2010-2012). It carries at least one camera with her at all times because you never know when something wonderful will appear! As a garden writer, Toni has managed to combine his photographs of nature with its articles. She wrote a biweekly newspaper column on gardening as a spokesman for the Ohio State University Master Gardener program in Muskingum County, Ohio; was published in national publications such as Grit magazine, over the fence, the Ohio Magazine and Country Living; and has written articles for the international bimonthly gardening site, Dave Garden. Toni has been a gardener all her life, tillage worldwide. She is a certified Ohio State University master gardener volunteer, a member of the Connecticut Association Master Gardener, an affiliate of the University of Connecticut master gardener program, and a member of the Association of garden writers.

44786 - Sedum aka Hylotelephium Neon (Stonecrop) (1)

40667 - Clematis Mix (Clematis)

38164 - Juniperus virginiana (Juniper Eastern red cedar conifer) (8)

36306 - Glaucidium palmatum (Japanese wood poppy) (2)

36224 - Geranium Philippe Vapelle (Cranesbill) (1)

36054 - Hippeastrum aka Amaryllis Samba (Amaryllis)

35954 - Baptisia Decadence Blueberry Sundae (Wild Indigo or False Indigo) (1.5)

35953 - Baptisia Decadence Blueberry Sundae (Wild Indigo or False Indigo) (1.5)

35838 - Wisteria frutescens (American Wisteria) (2.5)

35837 - Wisteria frutescens (American Wisteria) (2.5)

35836 - Begonia Nautilus (begonia)

35781 - Oenothera fruticosa (Sundrops evening primrose) (2.5)

35635 - Liatris punctata (gayfeather, dotted blazingstar) (1)

35634 - Liatris punctata (gayfeather, dotted blazingstar) (1)

35488 - Cotinus obovatus (Purple Smoke Bush) (3)

35487 - Cotinus obovatus (Purple Smoke Bush) (3)

35002 - Sciadopitys Wintergreen (Umbrella Pine conifer) (1)

35001 - Sciadopitys Wintergreen (Umbrella Pine conifer) (1)

35000 - Sciadopitys Wintergreen (Umbrella Pine conifer) (1)

32867 - Capsicum Cubanelle (pepper vegetable – poivron piment)

32754 - Cornus florida (Dogwood) (6)

32753 - Cornus florida (Dogwood) (6)

32628 - Carpinus betulus (American hornbeam) (6)

32581 - Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir conifer) (6)

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