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Walter Erhardt

Walter Erhardt

Walter Erhardt is a German botanist and garden writer. In addition, until his retirement he was a teacher in elementary school and media pedagogy and information technology advisor for the district of Kulmbach and head of the local media center.

As a garden writer, he wrote numerous books and articles, especially for "Gartenpraxis" and "DeGa" (both published by Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart). Most of his books were also published there. As a result of his intensive occupation with plants and his work as a professional writer, an extensive botanical specialist library was created, which among other things contains almost all international variety registers.

46806 - Tulipa Christmas Carol (Single early Tulip) (2)

46805 - Tulipa Christmas Carol (Single early Tulip) (2)

46804 - Tulipa Christmas Carol (Single early Tulip) (2)

46803 - Tulipa Calgary (Triumph Tulip) (1)

46802 - Tulipa Calgary (Triumph Tulip) (1)

46751 - Crocus Whitewell Purple (Crocus)

46750 - Deschampsia Bronzeschleier (Tufted Hair-grass or Tussock grass)

46749 - Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter jasmine) (7)

46748 - Narcissus Jetfire or Jet Fire (Daffodil) (10)

46747 - Narcissus Jetfire or Jet Fire (Daffodil) (10)

46707 - Paeonia Garden Treasure (Peony) (8)

46594 - Tigridia povonia (Tiger Flower, Mexican Shell Flower) (4)

46593 - Tulbaghia violacea (society garlic)

46592 - Anemone Royal Blue (anemone) (5)

46543 - Prunus mume (Japanese Apricot) (1)

46161 - Viola hederacea (Native Violet) (2)

46159 - Dipsacus fullonum aka Dipsacus sylvestris (Wild teasel)

46158 - Quercus cerris (Turkish Oak)

46157 - Abies Horstmann's Silberlocke (Korean fir conifer) (12)

45861 - Crocosmia Firefly (Crocosmia, Montebretia)

45860 - Crocosmia Jupiter (Crocosmia, Montebretia)

45859 - Clematis Wisley (Clematis)

45858 - Clematis Juuli (Clematis)

45857 - Clematis Entel (Clematis) (1)

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