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A Guide About Garden Plants that Butterflies Love!

Réjean Millette April 17th 2022 711 views

A Guide About Garden Plants that Butterflies Love!

Who doesn’t love a butterfly fluttering about in their garden? They always add a touch of beauty and a sense of life to gardens and outdoor spaces. If you love a garden with butterflies, you can always add more host plants. Butterflies lay eggs in host plants, which work as an amazing food resource for budding larvae. 

To attract a butterfly to your garden, keep your plants in a sunny area with lots of wind and open space. While butterflies are attractive creatures, they don’t feed on all plants. Caterpillars feed on plants like milkweed and ironweed. As they grow, you can add several nectar plants to your garden to attract more butterflies. 

Are You a Beginner?

This may be an intimidating step for beginners, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Don’t wait until spring arrives; plant flowers whenever you can. All you need to attract butterflies are well fed, fully blossomed flowers and nothing more! 

Tip: You’re mistaken if you think spring is the time for you to be planting flowers! Expert horticulturists insist you plant flowers in the fall so that they have enough time to grow their roots, and by the time they’ll sprout and grow; it’ll be early spring. 

Already have a butterfly garden? That’s great! If you have a butterfly garden or are on the journey of creating one, blog your experiences or have them published! You can always use high resolution photos from our website, Millette Photomedia, to support your content. Our site has around 40,000 pictures of garden trees, flowers, shrubs, and more available at the most affordable pricing.   

Below, find a list of all the flowers a butterfly loves!

Blueberry Bushes

A blueberry bush is your common garden shrub with oval leaves and a height of around 5 to 12 feet long, based on the species. Blueberry bushes only grow when watered well. They need to be protected from direct and harsh sunlight. Blueberry bushes need acidic soil to grow.

If you’ve grown them before, help others with it by writing about the process. You can find the best photos of garden flowers at the lowest costs on our website.


These are commonly known as Bee Balm and belong to the mint family. This one’s quite popular among hummingbirds and butterflies. You must have seen it in many colors, including white, purple, and red. Bee balms need rich, watered soil to grow.a butterfly on a flower

Baptisia Australis

It’s a beautiful blue and purple dense flower perfect for butterflies. It has a long bloom season and looks exquisite in gardens. 

Millette Photomedia has quite a lot of pictures of plants that butterflies love. Not just that, our collection of photos includes photos of beautiful gardens and pictures of stock flowers. From delicate little peonies to garden tree images, we deal in various horticulture images. To purchase from us, contact us at +15148925388.  info@millettephotomedia.com


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