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Best procedure to take better Garden Plants and flowers pictures

Réjean Millette July 24th 2018 1940 views

Best procedure to take better Garden Plants and flowers pictures

Millette Photomedia and his affilate Millette Garden pictures is a website where Magazines, Plant tags printers, Nurseries, Growers and websites can download Plant pictures directly online.

There are now over 29 000 Garden Plants and flowers pictures and some are added every day.

The images are supplied by gardeners-photographers and are taken in different gardens throughout the world.

Take better Garden Plants and flowers pictures : when you see a plant that you would like to take in pictures, always take the plant with different angles. Take the picture of the whole plant like this one, Clematis Gisela

You can also take the whole plant with a different angle, as this Clematis Gisela.

Then take the picture of the flowers, a bit closer, as this Clematis Gisela.

And even closer, as this Clematis Gisela.  

So when you are in front of a plant, take as many pictures as possible. Sometimes it will be the only chance to see this plant. Always take your pictures at high res. As we never know what the image will be used for, offer more images to give you more chances of selling one of them.

Now take your camera with you, visit a garden, take many pictures and submit them to Millette Garden pictures

At any time you can ask for more informations just write to us.

Reggie D. MIllette


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