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Facts about Cryptomerias

January 29th 2024 223 views

Facts about Cryptomerias

First these are conifers and are evergreen cedars. there are around 80 different forms (varieties) of this plant, from giant forest trees to tiny miniatures. It grows best in climates that are fairly mild in winter.  

Cryptomeria japonica Little Diamond is a dwarf conifer which is a compact mounded shrub with tiny light green foliage and distinct texture.

Cryptomeria japonica Spiralis is a slow-growing semi-dwarf cultivar that typically grows to 6-8' tall over the first 10 years, but matures to as much as 30-40' tall over 50 years.

Cryptomeria japonica Globosa Nana is dwarf conifer forming a dome of bright green foliage, which emerges yellow in spring and takes on attractive blue tones in winter. Spherical cones are borne in autumn.

Remember: these are trees that enjoy deep soil and abundant water. In hotter and drier places can be overcome by good soil preparation, mulch and watering, and by choosing a sheltered spot protected from winter winds and hot, dry, afternoon sun.


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