How to store dahlia bulbs for the winter?

Réjean Millette October 30th 2021 284 views

How to store dahlia bulbs for the winter?

At the beginning of November, the dahlias finished their flowering. The first autumn frosts blacken the foliage of dahlias: this is a sign that the tuber is going into dormancy and that the uprooting can begin.

With a pitchfork, loosen the soil around the tubers, being careful not to damage them, and lift them by pressing the handle. Remove as much soil as possible by shaking the clods, then cut the stems to about 10 cm (4 in) high. Clean the bulbs with clean water. Then place them in a ventilated, dry place for about two weeks to allow moisture to drain from the stems. Tubers should be completely dry before storing them for the winter. Inspect the bulbs. Discard damaged bulbs.

Place the tubers next to each other, at the bottom of a plastic crate or cardboard box, or even brown paper bags, the bottom of which you have previously covered with newspaper, covering them with vermiculite or of shredded paper. Remember to label each bulb.

Store everything in a dry place, protected from frost: this is essential for good conservation. To prevent diseases from developing during the winter, sprinkle the rhizomes with a fungicide.

Throughout the winter, check your tubers regularly. Eliminate rotten tubers.

When the time comes to replant the dahlias in the ground, usually in the spring around May when the frost is no longer threatening, you can then divide the tubers, taking care that each piece has at least a shoot of a few centimeters long.

Good luck!


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