Now is the time to order your seed catalogs

Réjean Millette October 20th 2021 274 views

Now is the time to order your seed catalogs

Looking for seeds, plants, gardening tools that are not available at your local nursery?

Now, there are certainly fewer printed catalogs, as virtual catalogs on computer or tablet screens are gradually replacing them, but there are still some.

Each year, Catalogs display more than 2000 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs.

When it comes to the end of December - beginning of January, one can spend hours and hours leafing through the catalogs of seed companies around the world. The seed catalogs all filled with beautiful photos. Good quality of paper. Everything to seduce.

Print catalogs are nice, but it's faster to look at them on the internet. You can then transfer them to your computer.

You can also get the seeds in bags from your nursery. But you won't find the new or very special cultivars. Hence the good practice of consulting catalogs of seed companies.

January is a good month to order seeds. Seeds should be ordered early in the season, as there are certain plants that need to be sown as early as February or even January.
The ordering season for plants (perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, trees, etc.) occurs later, in March or April. In fact, the supplier's website is often not up to date if you're trying to order in January.
The bulb catalogs are reserved for summer reading. I am ordering in July so that I have the bulbs in time for planting in September.
The houseplant catalogs are the only ones that do not have a specific reading season: there is no specific time in the year to consult them or to order exotic plants.

And you can visualize photos of all those seeds on Millette Photomedia website.


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