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Peonies Itoh or intersectional

December 1st 2014 5392 views

The intersectional peonies are also known as Itoh peonies. They are usually the result of hybrids produced by crossing tree peonies with herbaceous peonies .

Peonies produce flowers and a tree peony foliage on plants that behave like herbaceous peonies. Thus, they end their season by freezing the ground in the cold season and pushing each spring. Their flowers are large like those of tree peonies and foliage is like the tree peony.

Paeonia Itoh Hillary

Itoh peonies have good strength and very floriferous. They can produce up to 20-30 flowers on a plant has reached maturity. They have strong stems and are able to support well established as the flowers do not require staking. Their stems die in fall and must cut like herbaceous peonies.

To be successful with Itoh peony, certain conditions must be met. Peonies do not like to be moved, so you need to choose a planting site carefully. Good drainage is essential. Dig a deep hole, 60 cm (2 ft) in diameter and depth. Mix one part of the soil that was removed with compost, well-rotted manure, vermiculite or perlite. All these additions will provide excellent drainage, which will prevent root rot. It is always better to buy a plant grown in containers. Must spread the roots and place them horizontally at ground level. Fill the hole with the various amendments and well watered.

Itoh peonies are more disease resistant and less susceptible to powdery mildew than herbaceous peonies. They are also less sensitive to mold than the tree peonies. The intersectional peonies or Itoh reach about 75 cm (30 inches) high and 1 m (3 ft) wide. Itoh peonies go dormant in the fall. When the soil is frozen and the leaves are brownish foliage to the soil is cut.

The results of Dr. Itoh's first crosses were 36 plants. From the original 36, there were six that were considered exceptional. They became the first intersectional peonies to have darker yellow ... double yellow flowers. Four of these have been patented hybrid 'Yellow Crown', 'Yellow Dream', 'Yellow Heaven' and 'Yellow Emperor'. Further work on these original varieties produced amazing results.

Paeonia Itoh Yellow Dream

Prices have fallen sharply since the first cultivars were created and several selections are now available at very reasonable prices. They are found in many colors including shades of yellow, coral and pink, with two-tone and even three colors.

The growing interest in Itoh peonies will likely ensure the arrival on the market of new varieties in every new season.

The company Planteck International Inc., an innovative company from Quebec, will put on the market within two years, very double flowers hybrids that have been created in France.

A partial list of available cultivars include:

Paeonia Itoh Bartzella

The huge flowers are double or semi-double, with yellow petals and a lemony scent.
Paeonia Itoh Cora Louise

The large semi-double flowers have white petals with a lavender purple hue. Lightly scented.

Paeonia Itoh First Arrival

Very large semi-double flowers have petals that pale lavender pink as they age, surrounding a tuft of yellow stamens.

Paeonia Itoh Going Bananas

The large single flowers have yellow petals surrounding a tuft of yellow stamens.

Paeonia Itoh Julia Rose

The large double flowers semi-double flowers open with a coral red shade, discoloration salmon-orange and yellow cream, giving an unusual tricolor effect.

Paeonia Itoh Kopper Kettle

The large double to semi-double flowers have an unusual mix of red, yellow and orange, with a sort of remote copper hue.

Paeonia itoh Morning Lilac

The large double to semi-double flowers are dark pink with lavender streaks of white and fuchsia, and darker in the center.

Paeonia Itoh Sequestered Sunshine

Very large single flowers have clear yellow petals around a tuft of yellow stamens.

Paeonia itoh Singing in the Rain

Very large semi-double flowers have creamy yellow petals, red and salmon fishing as they age.

Paeonia Itoh Garden Treasure

Semi-double flowers with lemon yellow flowers in mid to late season with a lemony scent.

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