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Plants recognized during the holiday season: poinsettias

Réjean Millette December 9th 2021 521 views

Plants recognized during the holiday season: poinsettias

The most popular plant to illustrate the holiday season, the poinsettia is native to Mexico and Central America and shipped all around the world. The traditional color of poinsettia is of course red - and it's still the most popular! More than 75% of poinsettias sold in the world are indeed of this color. But this is not the only one: there are indeed almost 100 varieties of poinsettias. Beyond color, some have more compact leaves and others larger, some have more "curled" or more rounded leaves, while some types of poinsettias have variegated leaves. In addition to red, you can find poinsettias in pink, white, cream, peach and even yellow! 

Of course poinsettias are still very popular, but there are also the end-of-year decorations which very often combine red and green. Common holly (llex aquifolium) is a traditional Christmas plant. It is often seen on Christmas cards, with its glossy, thorny foliage and bright red berries. Holly plants are also seen in pots at Christmas. Holly is a timeless natural decoration. Holly will especially bring a touch of color with its red berries. 

Enjoy your end of the year celebrations.


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