Popular Coreopsis

November 27th 2014 4889 views

Most coreopsis are shaped bouquet supporting their flowers like daisies on tall stems above the foliage. They have a very long flowering period and usually without problems and easy to grow.

Coreopsis are tolerant of a wide variety of soil types and environmental conditions, making her a popular choice for gardeners. Some tall varieties can grow up to 4 feet in height and are excellent for the back of a flat strip cut flowers and gardens. They like areas with full sun and well-drained soil.

We must apply a thin layer of compost each spring, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch to conserve moisture and control weeds. Should be watered during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. You can put tutors for larger varieties to keep them upright. After the first frost, cut to an inch or two above the ground.

Coreopsis are subject to mildew, especially when they are planted in an area where it does not get full sun. Make sure there is enough space between plants so that air circulates freely. Moreover overcrowding of plants, not only makes plants more susceptible to disease, but if the leaves affect other plants, these diseases can easily spread.

If insect pests or disease damage the foliage, or if the lower leaves fall, one cut in half to two thirds the plant at the end of the summer to get new fresh leaves.

Most coreopsis flowers are yellow, although a pink variety is also available. Flowers can be single or double form

The Coreopsis grandiflora not let you down, despite the heat or lack of water. Plant and simply enjoy the beautiful flowers. And now there is a coreopsis to coordinate with each set of colors, ranging from pink to bright orange pumpkins, and some green chartreuse foliage

Coreopsis grandiflora Sunray

Their strength and the amount of flowers that they are popular and breeders have created over 100 different cultivars now available, but are not all very rustic.

Terra Nova Nurseries have produced many new cultivars:

Coreopsis 'Rum Punch'

Large amounts of pink orange flowers. Blooms all summer on green foliage mound.

Coreopsis ‘Mango Punch’

Flowers with colored petals orange mango with a red reflection.

Coreopsis 'Cranberry Ice'

Coreopsis ’Pineapple Pie‘

Shape a mound but slower growing with many yellow flowers with red eyes

Coreopsis 'Little Penny'

Many small flowers like daisies, colorful freely emerge above a small mound of foliage.

Coreopsis 'Pumpkin Pie'

Shape a mound but slower growing, with many flowers orange pumpkin with red eyes.

Coreopsis 'Garnet'

Many garnet red colored flowers on a compact port.

Coreopsis 'Citrine'

Small bright yellow daisies have a dark yellow eye and appear from summer to fall.

Coreopsis 'Strawberry Punch'

Coreopsis 'Pink Lemonade'

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