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Spring bulbs, summer bulbs - Planting

Réjean Millette November 3th 2021 411 views

Spring bulbs, summer bulbs - Planting

If you want your land to be covered with flowers quickly in the spring, it is in the fall that you have to think about it and plant spring flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and other perennial bulb plants have the particularity. to produce a bulb that can withstand winter cold. They are sold from the end of August in garden centers.

Spring bulbs, also called hardy or perennial bulbs, are planted in the fall (October to early November) for their spring fl ower (April to June) so that the bulbs take root before the ground freezes.

Even if the ground is frozen, we can still plant the bulbs, because at the beginning there is only a thin crust of soil that freezes, a crust that can be broken like ice to reach the still crumbly soil. below.

First of all, you will no doubt have noticed, some bulbs stay in the ground from one year to the next and will naturalize, while others must be pulled out either because they fear frost or because flowering is less present; this is particularly the case with dahlias and cannas.

Plant small lawn bulbs (scilli, grape hyacinths, crocuses ...) trying to delimit areas because you will have to wait until their foliage is wilted to mow in these places! But keep a natural effect by avoiding any regularity between them.

The bulbs are planted with the point upwards. The depth should correspond to twice the height of the bulb, increasing this depth in sandy soil.

Which place to choose to maximize the beauty of your plantations? First of all, you should choose a location that is sunny enough to provide the bulbs with all the energy they will need to grow their leaves, but especially their flowers. However, since these bulbs are usually quite early in season, a space under a deciduous tree will also do the trick.


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