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Photo of Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple)

Acer palmatum Red Select - Red Select is a dissected cultivar that typically grows in an upright, broad-rounded but cascading form to 4-6' tall over the first ten years, eventually maturing to 10' tall and to 12' or more wide. It is noted for its lace-like foliage that emerges light red in spring, matures to deep red-purple in summer and finally turns crimson red in fall. Palmate, red-purple leaves are deeply cut and dissected. Small reddish flowers in spring are somewhat attractive on close inspection, but are not showy from a distance. Family: aceraceae  

Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple) 5

Author : Lynn Hunt
Photo # : 45166
Online since: May 2th 2023


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Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple)

Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple)

Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple)

Acer Red Select (Japanese Maple)

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Acer Red Filigree Lace (Japanese Maple)

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