Photo of Clematis virginiana (Clematis)

Clematis virginiana - Commonly called woodbine, is a fragrant, fall-blooming clematis that is somewhat similar in flower to sweet autumn clematis, but lacks the tough, leathery leaves of the latter. It is a vigorous, deciduous, twining vine with a rampant growth habit. If given support, it will climb rapidly with the aid of tendrilous leaf petioles to 20’. Without support, it will sprawl along the ground as a dense, tangled ground cover. Features sweetly aromatic, 1.25” diameter, pure white flowers in axillary panicles from late August to October in a profuse bloom which typically covers the foliage. Compound green leaves, each with 3-5 oval to elliptic sharply-toothed leaflets. Family :Ranunculaceae  

Clematis virginiana (Clematis) 4

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