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The versatile conifer has no rival for adding year-round interest to a garden.

Since many species are naturally quite variable, an almost infinite selection of ornamental selections - in a broad range of sizes, forms, colors, and textures - assure that there’s a conifer to suit nearly every garden.

Conifers are cone-bearing seed plants. Most are trees; some are shrubs. Conifers are, most simply, plants that have cones. They all have needles instead of leaves.

Add color, year-round interest, texture and structure to your garden by planting some dwarf conifers!

Here are the most popular conifers: pinus (pines), abies (firs), picea (spruces), larix (larches), juniperus (junipers), Tsuga (hemlocks), Taxus (yews) and larix (larches).

45950 - Juniperus Grey Owl (Juniper conifer) (12)

45768 - Thuja aka Thuya Tater Tot (Eastern Arborvitae conifer)

45669 - Juniperus Sunsplash (Juniper conifer) (1)

45668 - Juniperus Pancake (Juniper conifer) (1)

45667 - Juniperus Sunsplash (Juniper conifer) (1)

45637 - Juniperus Gold Cone (Common Juniper conifer) (14)

45625 - Juniperus Limeglow (Juniper conifer) (8)

45508 - Picea Aurea Magnifica (Spruce conifer) (3)

45504 - Juniperus Blue Star (Juniper conifer) (10)

45493 - Picea Cupressina (Spruce conifer) (12)

45475 - Pinus Mops (Pine conifer - pin) (14)

45474 - Pinus armandii (Pine conifer)

45409 - Thuja or Thuya Green Giant (Eastern Arborvitae conifer) (11)

45408 - Thuja or Thuya Dura (Western red cedar Arborvitae conifer) (1)

45407 - Thuja or Thuya Dura (Western red cedar Arborvitae conifer) (1)

45356 - Thuja aka Thuya Emeraude (Arborvitae conifer)

45234 - Cephalotaxus Plania Yewtopia (Japanese Plum Yew conifer)

45181 - Abies Nana (Balsam fir conifer)

45091 - Abies Horstmann's Silberlocke (Korean fir conifer) (9)

45036 - Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress conifer) (24)

44907 - Sciadopitys Joe Kozey (Umbrella Pine conifer)

44906 - Chamaecyparis Top Point (False Cypress conifer)

44878 - Chamaecyparis Teddy Bear (False Cypress conifer)

44862 - Sciadopitys Joe Kozey (Umbrella Pine conifer)

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