Allium cepa (cambry - spring onion vegetable)

Allium cepa - Spring onions vegetable are small in size and have long, straight leaves that connect into globular, bulbous bases. The round to oval bulbs have moist, thin skin, fine root hairs, and range in color from white, almost translucent, to red depending on the variety. The green stems are hollow, long, and slender with a pungent, bitter, and more herbaceous taste than the bulbs. Spring onion bulbs are often consumed fresh and are crisp, sweet, and tender with a mild pungency. Spring onions, botanically classified as Allium cepa, are young bulbs that have been harvested prematurely. The name Spring onions is a general descriptor used for many different varieties that produce bulbs that are harvested before the bulb has a chance to swell and mature. Springs onions are favored for their mild flavor, and both the bulbs and leaves are edible fresh or can be lightly cooked. Family : Alliaceae 

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Allium cepa (cambry - spring onion vegetable) 3

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Allium cepa (cambry - spring onion vegetable)

Allium cepa (cambry - spring onion vegetable)

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