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Photo of Carica papaya (dwarf papaya)

Carica papaya - a small, frost-tender, succulent, broadleaf evergreen tree that bears papaya fruits throughout the year. Each tree typically has a single, unbranched, non-woody trunk bearing the scars of old leaf bases. The trunk is topped by an umbrella-like canopy of palmately lobed leaves. Large, fleshy, melon-like fruits (papayas) hang in clusters attached to the trunk top just under the leaf canopy. Papaya typically grows to 6-20' tall and is most noted for its edible melon-like fruit. Family:  Caricaceae  

Carica papaya (dwarf papaya) 4

Author : Millette Réjean D.
Photo # : 42810
Online since: June 16th 2022


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Carica papaya (dwarf papaya)

Carica papaya (dwarf papaya)

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