Photo of Euphorbia royleana (Sullu spurge)

Euphorbia royleana - Sullu spurge - It is a deciduous, cactus-like, shrub or small upright trees up to 2-5(-7) m high, which is armed with short prickles along its stems. It has a stout trunk and is glabrous except for the flowers (cyathia). The cyathia are small greenish-yellow, 3-4 appear in almost stalkless clusters in leaf axils. It has succulent segmented branches in whorls, which are green, 4-7(-8) cm thick, with branching from the upper parts. The stems have ribs 5(-7), angles more or less undulately winged with rounded teeth/tubercles. It has stout tap roots. The stems become leafless during hot and cold seasons and the leaves are alternate, apically clustered. They are produced in the moist season and soon fall. They are usually not seen when in flower. The leaf blade is fleshy oblanceolate, spathulate, or spoon-shaped 5-15 long, 1–4 cm wide and slightly succulent. The cyathia, or false flowers, are greenish-yellow, almost stalkless.. Family: euphorbiaceae

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Euphorbia royleana (Sullu spurge) 1

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Euphorbia royleana (Sullu spurge)

Euphorbia royleana (Sullu spurge)

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